Hampshires, Hastings and Berkshires - The Early Days

Hampshire and Hastings 2H/3H

In 1957 a batch of eighteen 2-car Hampshire sets were constructed at Eastleigh works on frames from Ashford. Designated "Hampshire" 2H these were numbered 1101-1118 and entered service between August and October 1957 as two-car sets.

Subsequently "Hastings" 2H sets 1119-1122 were built mid-1958 for Bexhill West/New Romney branches and Hastings-Ashford services.

The original coach numbers of these Hampshire / Hastings sets were:

  • DMBS S60100 to S60125
  • DTC(L) S60800 to S60825
  • TS S60650 to S60671

August 1959 saw the first of the new Trailer Seconds (again Eastleigh built on Ashford frames) and although these were inserted into 2H sets 1101-1118 this was not undertaken numerically.

Following on from the new trailer coaches, new units 1123-1126 were built as 3-car sets. The noticeable difference of both the additional trailers and the new sets was the lack of roof lighting conduits.

However, because of problems with the higher gear ratios fitted to the two-car sets units 1105/11071111/1113 1114 had their new centre cars temporarily removed late 1959. All were back to 3-cars using suburban gear ratios in early 1961. Unit 1103 was also operating as a 2-car in 1964.

Berkshire 3H

"Berkshire" 3H units 1127-1133 were built as 3-car sets in 1962 for Reading-Portsmouth services. These were fitted with two-tone horns from new. 1127-1130 had short sections of gutter above each door whereas 1132 and 1133 had continuous gutters.

All the second-class compartments next to the driver's cabs were converted to luggage use except 1119. However, in 1975 these compartments were converted to 1 st class in units 1106-1109, 1112-1118 & 1123.

1974 saw unit 1108 loosing its trailer to unit 1121.

In 1979 four 3R sets were disbanded and there were a number of reformations including 1103-1104 & 1119-1120 into 3T sets 1401-1404 with the 3R driving trailers.

1119 received TS S60653 from 1104 following its 1987 accident/withdrawal.

Hampshire 3T

The 3T units were formed in 1979 using spare Driving Trailers, some from disbanded 3R sets, 1401 (was 1103), 1402 (was 1104), 1403 (was 1108) and 1404 (was 1122)

  • DMBS S60102 /S60103 /S60107 /S60121
  • DTC(L) S60802 /S60803 /S60807 /S60821
  • With former 3R driving vehicles added DTS S77500 /S77503 /S77507 /SS77508


The large warning orange Vee first appeared on BR stock green livery in 1960 with unit 1102; the black triangle came in 1965 with unit 1111.

All-over blue came in July 1966 with unit 1103 followed by 1113 & 1114. Further units had blue with full-yellow ends rather than yellow boxes.

Appendix - Tadpoles 3R

The 3R units were formed in 1964 using driving motor second opens and trailer second opens from disbanded narrow bodied Hastings short units and EPB Driving Trailers S77500 /S77503 /S77507 /S77508 /S77509 /S77510

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