Nine Elms

The following four photographs by Clinton Shaw on Sunday 26th June 1967 are featured courtesy of "Nine Elms" by George Marsh, Clinton Shaw and Driver Jim Evans, published by Buggleskelly Books. Nine Elms book cover
Withdrawn 34023 and 80145

West Country no. 34023 Blackmore Vale and Class 4 no. 80145 stand redundant in the summer sunshine. Whilst 34023 was saved and is now preserved, no. 80145 met its end courtesy of J. Cashmore's five months later. It is said that in later years, due to a locomotive shortage at Nine Elms, engines were having to be rented back from Dai Woodham (the famous Welsh scrap dealer) at £14 per day (£98 weekly). Any bits that were removed from Dai's engines had to be religiously replaced, remembering that he had bought the entire engine.


Assorted boat train headboards

A veritable cornucopia of delights and a reminder of the past glories of Nine Elms shed; the store of boat train headboards. From front to back can be seen; Union Castle Express, The Cunarder, Holland-America, Canberra P&O Orient Line, Holland-Amerika, Oriana P.O. Orient Line, and Greek Line. What was their fate?

Withdrawn 34057, 73022 and 80012

A trio of withdrawn (and decidedly forlorn) locomotives await their final journey to Newport scrapyards; Battle of Britain no. 34057 Biggin Hill, Standard class 5 no. 73022, and Standard class 4 no. 80012. All were to be broken up before the
end of the year.


In a time honoured shot from Nine Elms, 82029 on the turntable

A young footplateman studies the photographer while his mount, a weary looking Standard class 3 (no. 82029) is turned. On the locomotive's side-tank can be made out the words "End of LSWR steam".


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